December 2012:
Volunteer Visit to CapitaLand Lianjiao Hope School, Guangdong, China
40 volunteers, comprising teachers, media professionals and CapitaLand staff, showed love for the children and the environment at CapitaLand Lianjiao Hope School, warming hearts in the winter cold. The volunteer visit is themed “Love for Hope, Green for Future”—CapitaLand Hope School Environmental Education Programme. Be it Children’s Day or Teachers’ Day, or simply at a seemingly regular day, the CapitaLand China team would organise activities and visits to the school, providing educational support and donations to the children. This year, the volunteers introduced eco-protection concepts to the children through creativity and interactive learning. CapitaLand Hope Foundation donated 350 sets of school uniforms to the school during the visit.

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December 2012:
CapitaMalls Asia “Love in Tiantouyou”, China
CapitaMalls Asia (China) South region team organised a visit to their adopted school, CapitaLand Tiantouyong Hope School, located in Guangdong province, during the Christmas season to bring warmth to the underprivileged schoolchildren. Together with 38 corporate volunteers, they brought materials which the school was in great need of, including stationery, 220 sets of brand new school desks and chairs, seven lecture podiums, two table tennis tables, and other sports equipment. To make our interaction with the kids more exciting and engaging, our volunteers assembled the school children and conducted a fun mini-sports competition based on age and grade

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November 2012:
My Schoolbag, Singapore
1,000 children from low-income families were each given a new schoolbag and CapitaVouchers, worth a total of S$150, to shop for their daily and school necessities at Tampines Mall, Bugis+, JCube, Bukit Panjang Plaza and Funan DigitaLife Mall. During their shopping trip, the children were accompanied by some 600 volunteers made up of staff from CapitaLand, CapitaMalls Asia, as well as students from Innova Junior College, Institute of Technical Education (ITE) College Central, ITE College East and Millennia Institute. Lunch and entertainment activities were provided for the children to make their outing to the shopping malls more memorable. My Schoolbag will also took place in Malaysia, Japan and India in December 2012 and January 2013, benefitting an estimated 1,000 children in these countries.

November 2012:
P.E.E.K (Providing Educational Exposure for Kids) @ Giant Panda Forest, Singapore
50 children beneficiaries from Infant Jesus Homes and Children's Centres (IJHCC) and Society for the Physically Disabled (SPD @ Tampines) had been invited to the event that included some 200 guests and the guest-of-honour, President Tony Tan Keng Yam. All the guests were treated to an exclusive preview of the giant pandas Kai Kai and Jia Jia in their new 1,500-square-metre home as part of Because iCare – Kai Kai and Jia Jia Charity Drive in support of President’s Challenge . The children were given a guided, educational tour as part of CapitaLand's P.E.E.K programme and learnt about wildlife conservation, bio-diversity and the importance of environmental protection through interactive quiz sessions.

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November 2012:
Volunteer Expedition to SOS Children’s Village, Jakarta, Indonesia
SOS Children’s Village is a foster home with a difference. Located in Cibubur on the outskirts of Jakarta, it takes in abandoned children and orphans. These children are placed in group homes so they can experience family life. There are 15 houses each with five to 12 children of different races, religions and backgrounds. In all, the village cares for 137 children and also runs a kindergarten for the children and those in the neighbourhood. Since 2010, CapitaLand Hope Foundation (CHF) has been partnering Ascott International Management Indonesia (AIMI) to support the educational needs of the children at the village. Together, they pay for their school fees and educational materials like textbooks and stationery. They have also sponsored an outdoor multi-purpose court. Apart from financial help, CHF also extends care to the community through group-wide volunteer expeditions as part of their ‘Building People’ credo. This year, 28 CapitaLand employees spent five days at SOS Children’s Village, immersing themselves in the activities and lives of the community there.

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October 2012:
Kids’ Food Fund Junior Chef Cooking Competition, Singapore
30 children beneficiaries from Food from the Heart were selected to take part in the competition as a way of celebrating Children’s Day. The children were divided into 10 teams with each led by a CapitaLand staff volunteer. The teams had befitting yummy names such as Team Marshmallows’ and ‘Team Hotcakes’. The children beamed with pride as they presented their winning creations to the panel of judges, including ToTT volunteer chef Vivian Pei. “With CapitaLand Hope Foundation’s continued support, the children can continue to receive their nutritious food supplies. I believe the nutritious food supplies will not only lighten their family’s financial burden, but also provide the children with adequate nutrition to help them in schools and grow to their potential,” said Mr Anson Quek, Executive Director of Food from the Heart.

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September 2012:
My Schoolbag, China
In China, CapitaMalls Asia donated new schoolbags and stationery to nearly 19,000 underprivileged children from over 200 schools in 19 provinces and autonomous regions, including students from 14 CapitaLand Hope Schools. The company also gave schools 13,000 books suitable for children from grades one to three. Making an additional difference in this year’s programme, CapitaMalls Asia galvanised more than 100 volunteers from the retailers at its malls to participate in the programme, alongside 650 CapitaLand and CapitaMalls Asia staff volunteers. Further highlighting the role of CapitaMalls as anchors in the communities they serve, shoppers signed greeting cards at counters set up at the malls to send words of encouragement and well wishes to the underprivileged children.

June 2012:
Volunteer Visit to CapitaLand Xingfuzhilu Hope School, Inner Mongolia, China
On 28 June 2012, staff volunteers from CapitaLand visited schoolchildren of CapitaLand Xingfuzhilu Hope School in Horqin grassland again, since the first volunteer expedition was conducted in October 2011. Organised by CapitaLand China and sponsored by CapitaLand Hope Foundation (China), volunteers taught enrichment class on drinking water safety, and donated 2 hot water dispensers and 340 thermal water bottles to the school. Some students complained they had stomach upsets after drinking cold water from the well in the cold season. Residents from 12 of The Ascott Limited properties in north China donated over 1,000 children's books and 300 electronic dictionaries.

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June 2012:
CapitaLand Family Day, Singapore
53 CapitaLand employees volunteered to host children beneficiaries from CapitaLand Hope Foundation (CHF) at the CapitaLand Family Day. Held at Jurong Bird Park on 23 June (Saturday), the annual event was aptly named, Wings of Adventure. As part of the CapitaLand’s Because iCare efforts, its definition of “family” goes beyond just its employees and their families at Family Day. It also includes the community at large. That community was made up of the 35 children and teens from TOUCH Young Arrows’ Geylang Bahru and Queenstown centres, and another 10 children from the new 10-year mentoring scheme, CapitaKids Programme. After the volunteer activity, Goh Geok Pei from The Ascott Limited said, "I enjoyed the time with my child guest who is a cheerful and adorable girl. I am looking forward to volunteer for other events in future. "

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June 2012:
P.E.E.K (Providing Educational Exposure for Kids) @ JCube, Singapore
Over 100 beneficiaries of the Green for Hope @ CapitaLand programme went on a P.E.E.K (Providing Educational Exposure for Kids) excursion to CapitaLand’s latest family shopping, dining and entertainment destination, JCube. While on the P.E.E.K tour, the children will learn more about JCube, a Green Mark Platinum mall’s green features and how they, too, can go green in their daily lives. JCube has numerous eco-friendly features and was awarded Green Mark Platinum, the highest green accolade, by the Building and Construction Authority. To promote family cohesion, the P.E.E.K event was also open to staff and their children. Over 50 staff volunteers across 7 Singapore business units signed up to volunteer; the call for volunteers was met with an overwhelming response.

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May 2012:
Volunteer Expedition to CapitaLand Longdong Hope School, Sichuan, China
During this four-day expedition, staff volunteers worked hard to set up a reading room, paint the wall murals, categorise 10,000 books in the library and scan the titles into the barcode system. They also decorated the school canteen with interesting notice boards and wall stickers. CHF sponsored new reading tables and chairs for the reading room as well as new dining sets for the canteen and new bookshelves for the library. Among the 36 staff volunteers who went to the CapitaLand Longdong Hope School were six media volunteers. Music and arts graduate Crystal Deng, Housekeeping Supervisor, Somerset Orchard Singapore, composed the tune and wrote the lyrics for a song entitled, “Song of Hope”, for the children of CapitaLand Longdong Hope School in Sichuan. The song was sung by the volunteers as part of the Children’s Day performance during the volunteer expedition.

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April 2012:
CapitaKids Mentorship Programme, Singapore
Staff volunteers who are willing to dedicate their time as a CapitaKids Programme (CKP) Mentor get to work alongside social workers to provide support, care and counsel to the 10 CapitaKids. As pivotal links between the company and the CapitaKids, these mentors were duly trained to be prepared for long term commitment as it takes time to develop the trust in the mentorship. As the CapitaKids come from different family backgrounds, staff applicants were invited to attend focus group sessions where H.E.L.P Family Service Centre conducted a screening before confirming the mentorship. Upon confirmation, CKP Mentors attended a half-day social worker training programme. CKP mentors will host the CapitaKids at the Group’s various activities such as P.E.E.K event and hold regularly meet-up sessions to bond with each other.

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January 2012:
CapitaMalls Asia “Love in Lianjiao”, China
CapitaMalls Asia (CMA) organised a charity campaign titled “Love in Lianjiao” to raise funds to buy much needed equipment for students of CapitaLand Lianjiao Hope School. This initiative is the result of continued effort by CMA South China office to constantly engage CapitaLand Lianjiao Hope School since 2009. The campaign received positive response and fellow colleagues donated S$10,000 (RMB 49,221.90) cash, 2 notebook computers, 3 sets of clothes, 2 books and an album. 33 staff volunteers travelled from Guangzhou city to Qing Yuan county of Guangzhou province to deliver the presents and interact with the children for a day. The interactive activities include games and singing.