S.E.N.D (Send E-cards and Donate) For Hope programme is a creative worldwide initiative that CapitaLand Hope Foundation (CHF) started to spread the festive cheer while saving the earth and helping the underprivileged children. For every eco-friendly e-card sent by the public to a unique recipient, CHF gives S$2 to a selected children charity.

Two campaigns are held annually during the Christmas season and the Chinese New Year period. Since 2009, more than 160,000 greeting cards have been sent through our S.E.N.D for Hope programme to raise awareness for numerous children charities.

While clicking and sending an e-greeting card may seem like a small gesture to many, to those benefiting from the senders' efforts, it truly means great hope for them. The same goes for the recipients, they should be glad to know that not only are the senders protecting the environment by using e-cards, they are also helping the chosen children beneficiary to raise funds.

Year CHF's Selected Children Charity
2016 Chinese New Year Students Care Service
2015 Christmas Season Rainbow Centre Yishun Park School
2015 Chinese New Year “KIDS 0-3" Programme
2014 Christmas Season Young Women's Christian Association Singapore (YWCA)
2014 Chinese New Year Red Cross Singapore
2013 Christmas Season World Vision (in aid of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines)
2013 Chinese New Year Canossaville Children’s Home
2012 Christmas Season The Salvation Army Gracehaven
2012 Chinese New Year Inmates' Families Support Fund
2011 Christmas Season KKH Health Endowment Fund
2011 Chinese New Year Sunbeam Place
2010 Christmas Season Jamiyah Children's Home
2010 Chinese New Year YWCA Singapore
2009 Christmas Season Muhammadiyah Welfare Home