P.E.E.K (Providing Educational Exposure for Kids) is a fun-filled discovery trail of iconic CapitaLand properties and landmarks, giving children a rare glimpse into the behind-the-scenes operations of the real estate industry. The children invited to be on the tour are beneficiaries supported by CapitaLand Hope Foundation (CHF) and the staff's children.

Launched on Children's Day 2007 in Singapore, 15 P.E.E.K learning journeys have been organised by CapitaLand to bring to life the science of water conservation, green features, intelligence system and sustainable business development in a building.

In these learning journeys, CapitaLand staff volunteers befriend the children beneficiaries and teach them about interesting green initiatives at CapitaLand’s landmark buildings. For instance, children get to learn about our water recycling efforts in JCube shopping mall, a BCA Green Mark Platinum certified building, where cool water from the ice skating rink is channeled to the mall’s evaporative cooling system to generate cool air. Also, they learn about Clarke Quay’s canopy and ventilation system, and how the system together with the water fountain help to ensure cooler air temperatures for our patrons’ comfort. 

In 2008, P.E.E.K was extended to various cities in China. Learning journeys were conducted in Raffles City Shanghai, CapitaMall Xizhimen in Beijing and CapitaMall Guicheng in Foshan.