December 2009:
Green for Hope tour at Technopark @ Chai Chee, Singapore
To celebrate the festive season, CapitaLand Hope Foundation (CHF) invited 50 underprivileged children from Moral Family Service Centre (Bedok North) to tour Technopark @ Chai Chee (TPCC), a high-tech industrial building managed by CapitaLand Commercial Management. After the tour, a party was hosted by 30 CapitaLand staff and 10 tenant volunteers, where the children played charades. Earlier in the day, staff volunteers sorted and packed goodie bag items into eco-bags and decorated the room, turning it into a party zone. These children are the beneficiaries of the “Green for Hope” project at TPCC. For every kilogramme of waste recycled by TPCC tenants from September to December 2009, CHF donated S$2 to Moral FSC (Bedok North). This was the first recycling project rolled out to a commercial property.

November 2009:
Volunteer expedition to CapitaLand Lianjiao Hope School, Guangdong, China
16 CapitaLand staff volunteers from various strategic business units and countries participated in volunteer expedition to CapitaLand Lianjiao Hope School in Guangdong, China from 17 to 21 November 2009. Staff volunteers were tasked with refurbishing and transforming an old classroom into a library-cum-reading room for 542 students. The school, located at a mountainous region and though only about a 2 hour-drive from Guangzhou, is miles away from the comforts and convenience of city life. After a quick school tour and consultation with the school teachers upon arrival, the volunteers got down to work. The volunteers also served lunch and played with the children.

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September 2009:
P.E.E.K. (Providing Educational Exposure for Kids) @ Clarke Quay, Singapore
25 underprivileged children from YWCA and 35 CapitaLand staff’s children spent a fun day at Clarke Quay to learn about how Clarke Quay was transformed from a historical riverside quay into an exciting entertainment and lifestyle hub. 41 CapitaLand staff volunteers introduced the children energy-saving features such as the water fountain and “lily pad” umbrella-shaped canopy which brought temperature down, and the “blue bell” shaded alfresco dining area. The CapitaFrog boat ride piloted by CapitaLand staff volunteer highlighted the importance of keeping our waterways clean. This electric boat was commissioned for Singapore Public Utilities Board’s use in river clean-up and water awareness programmes. YMCA staff expressed their appreciation to the volunteers, “The children truly enjoyed themselves. They were sharing their experiences with us on the way back and most rated the experience full-score. “

June 2009:
My Schoolbag, Singapore
200 underprivileged children from Care Corner Singapore got to shop for free at Sembawang Shopping Centre on 24 June 2009. Armed with CapitaVouchers, they bought school and living necessities in preparation for the new school term. More than 140 CapitaLand staff volunteers signed up as logistics coordinators to oversee the event while many others became personal shopping guides who took the children around retail shops to buy necessities such as school shoes, bags and water bottles etc. The children were bubbling with excitement as they carried their eco-bags which contained their new purchases. Care Corner Singapore’s senior social worker commended volunteers’ efforts, “They’ve come with a big heart of love, care and concern and I’ve personally been touched by their action towards these little ones.”

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June 2009:
Volunteer activity at Gentle Fund Organisation, Hanoi, Vietnam
Through non-profit organisation Gentle Fund Organisation (“GFO”), CHF donated S$100,000 to help 100 underprivileged children in their living and educational expenses for 2008 and 2009. On 12 June 2009, a group of CapitaLand staff volunteers in Hanoi organised a half-day visit to five children beneficiaries’ homes. They gave each family a gift pack consisting of a schoolbag, stationery and milk. Through showing concern and interaction, the staff volunteers learnt about the children’s lives and progress in school. Nguyen Thi Kim Oanh, volunteer from CapitaLand Vietnam, shared, "It was not just us who were doing the giving. We learnt from the children as well, they display resilience in face of tough circumstances. ”

April 2009:
CapitaLand Waterways Clean-Up, Singapore
To commemorate Earth Day on 22 April 2009, 30 CapitaLand staff volunteers participated in the first Waterways Clean-up along Singapore River, CapitaLand’s adopted waterway. This green volunteer activity was held in partnership with Singapore Public Utilities Board (PUB) and Waterways Watch Society. After learning about the impact of pollution on water and global warming, the volunteers were divided into 3 groups to clean a specific area. One of the boats used for the clean-up was the CapitaFrog electric boat which CapitaLand had commissioned for PUB’s in river clean-up and water awareness programmes. The volunteers learnt at the end of the activity that all resources should be used properly and minimise wastage; it also raised their awareness to protect the environment.

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March 2009:
P.E.E.K. (Providing Educational Exposure for Kids) @ Plaza Singapura, Singapore
Past P.E.E.K. events invited children of CapitaLand’s staff and CHF beneficiaries, for the P.E.E.K. @ Plaza Singapura event on 10 March 2009, the invitation was extended to primary schoolchildren who did well in Green for Hope @ Primary Schools programme. 120 students of Zhenghua Primary School attended the half-day event and went on an exciting tour of the mall with 40 CapitaLand staff volunteers and 5 volunteers from National University of Singapore’s Building and Estate Management Society. Plaza Singapura was the first multi-storey shopping mall to be built in Singapore in 1974, and was also the first retail mall in Singapore to be conferred ASEAN Energy Award (1st runner up) in 2007. CapitaLand Hope Foundation specially produced a P.E.E.K. learning journey booklet for the children to learn green knowledge.

February 2009:
Green for Hope @ Primary Schools roadshows, Singapore
CapitaLand Green for Hope @ Primary Schools programme had been sending the message of 3Rs— reduce, reuse, recycle, across to more than 11,000 primary school children in Singapore to build a greener future. About 40 CapitaLand staff volunteers performed a skit during assembly time at selected primary schools to raise awareness of green issues among children and encourage them in their recycling efforts. Staff acted out characters such as “Sick Earth”, “Healthy Earth”, “Global Warming” and “Recycling Bin” during the skit and committed their time to rehearsals after office hours before the roadshows. They also hand-made the stage props from recycled materials.

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