October 2015:
CapitaLand #100KHopeHours Challenge Experiential Heritage Trail
In celebration of SG50, CapitaLand Group in Singapore combined its annual Volunteer Day and Family Day for the CapitaLand #100KHopeHours Challenge Experiential Heritage Trail on 3 October 2015. More than 1,600 staff, their family and friends as well as business associates and community volunteers registered for event to discover more about the country's history, learns to overcome some of the hardships of disadvantaged children and earn donations from CapitaLand Hope Foundation for President’s Challenge. Despite the cancellation of the experiential heritage trail on 3 October due to health and safety concerns for the participants over the haze, CapitaLand kept the intent of the Challenge by bringing key activities indoors. Conceived as a special SG50 edition of the annual CapitaLand Volunteer Day, the participants gathered at Raffles City Singapore for the finale of the Challenge to show their unwavering support for volunteerism.

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September 2015:
Volunteer Expedition to CapitaLand Chengmagang Hope School, Wuhan
CapitaLand Chengmagang Hope School is one of the earliest government schools in Macheng City. The school currently has about 460 students and 23 teachers. With limited dining area and shabby classroom building, CapitaLand Hope Foundation donated RMB400,000 to improve the students’ study condition and improve the students' study and dining condition in 2012. The project was completed in 2014.This year, more than 40 CapitaLand staff volunteers from China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Philippines to the school with the aim of improving the learning and living condition of the students.

July 2015:
Volunteer expedition to Doi Wiengpa Witaya School, Thailand
Doi Wiengpa Witaya School is located in Northern Thailand, Chiang Rai, which CapitaLand Hope Foundation and Ascott Thailand have been supporting since 2014. This expedition will see 40 CapitaLand staff volunteers from Singapore, Thailand, China, Philippines, Malaysia & Vietnam working hand-in-hand to improve the study environment of the students. Apart from physical school improvement, the volunteers will also have meaningful interaction with the children through CapitaLand Little Architect Progamme, arts & crafts and many more, hopefully leaving an unforgetable experience for both volunteers and children.

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April 2015:
Volunteer Expedition to CapitaLand Thanh Phuoc A Primary Hope School, Vietnam
More than 50 staff volunteers from Vietnam, Singapore and China as well as management from CapitaLand Vietnam and Ascott Vietnam joined hands to improve the study environment for 150 underprivileged children in rural Vietnam. They worked hard in the sweltering 38°C weather, from painting wall murals and redecorating classrooms, leveling and laying concrete, plowing a new plot of land for a vegetable garden to planting trees so the children can enjoy the shade when it grows.

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Volunteer Expedition to CapitaLand Thanh Phuoc A Primary Hope School

March 2015:
P.E.E.K @ Westgate
In conjunction with CapitaLand Kids’ Food Fund 2015, CHF kicked off Providing Educational Exposure for Kids event (P.E.E.K) with a fun-filled food and nutrition trail for more than 88 children beneficiaries. Some 50 CapitaLand staff took Volunteer Service Leave to host these children and accompany them on an interactive food and nutrition journey at Westgate in Singapore. Through interacting gaming, sandwich-making and other unique food-theme activities across six pit stops, the children learned about food nutrition in a fun and engaging manner.

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