November 2010:
My Schoolbag, Singapore
Some 300 CapitaMalls Asia and CapitaLand staff volunteered to accompany 1,000 underprivileged children to purchase school and daily necessities with vouchers sponsored by CapitaMalls Asia and CHF. Receiving a new schoolbag, school shoes and stationery proves to be a financial relief for low-income families. A staff volunteer Eileen Lee, who volunteered in My Schoolbag 2009 and 2010, shared her sentiments, “It was a very meaningful event and it really touched my heart to see the children beneficiaries smile with joy when they received all these things to get ready for school.”

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September 2010:
Kid’s Food Fund nature excursion at Pulau Ubin, Singapore
On 16 September 2010, the pandan valley along the sensory trail in Pulau Ubin was filled with the laughter and footsteps of 30 underprivileged children led by volunteer nature guides and 20 CapitaLand staff volunteers. These children beneficiaries from Xishan Primary School and Boon Lay Garden Primary School received food goodie bags sponsored by CHF every month; they got a chance to see where the ingredients that are commonly used in food came from on the trail. Staff volunteer Serene Lee even went around giving out hearts she specially made from plastic straws, she said, “This heart represents love, I wanted to show that somebody cares for them in this world, and hope that it will make them strong.”

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September 2010:
My Schoolbag, China
For the first time, “My Schoolbag” programme was held in China from 1 to 13 September 2010, which signified the start of the country’s new school year. Across 129 schools in 18 cities, more than 10,000 underprivileged first-year primary school pupils received new schoolbags containing stationery. Children beneficiaries in China could hardly contain their excitement when they received the bags full of love and warmth from CapitaLand staff volunteers. This was made possible with CMA’s donation of S$190,000, in partnership with the China Children and Teenagers’ Fund. The programmes in Singapore and China were made possible with funding of S$300,000 in total from CHF.

August 2010:
CapitaLand Vietnam visits Library for the Blind
CapitaLand staff volunteers based in Vietnam took the initiative to organise a visit to the Library for the Blind and spent a day to do sing-along sessions with the underprivileged children, showing them care and love and encouraging them to work hard in their studies. CapitaLand Vietnam donated 15,000 cassette tapes for the Audio Book department of the library with the hope that the visually-impaired children will have an opportunity to receive their education despite their special needs.

June 2010:
CapitaLand “Hand in Hand 20.10—Kids Expo Galore” education trip at Wilkie Edge, Singapore
90 CapitaLand staff volunteers in Singapore celebrated International Children’s Day on 1 June 2010 by bringing the Shanghai World Expo 2010 visitor experience to Singapore for 200 underprivileged children. Kids’ Expo Galore is an interactive learning trail which aims to inspire the children’s imagination and creativity. The event is part of CapitaLand “Hand in Hand 20.10” CSR campaign, and the learning trail features the Shanghai World Expo, the Singapore Pavilion, CapitaLand Hope Schools and a Giant Panda Zone.

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May – August 2010:
CapitaLand “Hand in Hand 20.10” expedition to Shanghai World Expo, China
Together with CHF, CapitaLand launched the “Hand in Hand 20.10” campaign, where staff volunteers brought 2,010 underprivileged children from all over China to visit World Expo in Shanghai to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the company’s inception and 20 years of diplomatic relations between Singapore and China. The aim of the campaign is to inspire these underprivileged children to hope for a better life in future. The children, most of whom have never travelled out of their own provinces, will get a chance to “see the world” and learn about different cultures when they visit the various country pavilions. The underprivileged children come from various CapitaLand Hope Schools and children nominated by the CCYL Shanghai Committee. The expedition was held in 4 tours from May to August, each tour itinerary is about 3 days. In view of the large number of volunteers needed, CapitaLand recruited public volunteers at booths set up at over 100 CapitaLand properties across 40 Chinese cities. All the public and staff volunteers were given training to provide round-the-clock care for the children as they stayed, toured and dined together. CapitaLand is an official supporting partner of the Singapore Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo.

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March 2010:
Muhammadiyah Welfare Home Facility Upgrade, Singapore
26 CapitaLand staff volunteers made their way to Muhammadiyah Welfare Home (MWH) to conduct a day’s refurbishment of the library and study-cum-counseling rooms. Due to the extremely run-down conditions of its old premises, MWH had to relocate to another school building. To cover their relocation costs, CHF donated S$50,000 through the S.E.N.D. for Hope e-card campaign. MWH is a home for underprivileged children and has been gazetted as a crisis centre for children to provide food, shelter and basic needs to orphans during a national emergency in Singapore.

March 2010:
Greening Canossaville Children’s Home, Singapore
From 10 to 12 March 2010, CapitaLand staff volunteers implemented “greening works” at Canossaville Children’s Home (“CCH”) to make it more eco-friendly, and shared tips on caring for Mother Earth with the children. In support of Earth Hour on 27 March, more than 190 CapitaLand properties worldwide turned off their façade lights for 10 hours. To encourage and engage the public in this movement, for every pledge received to turn off lights for an hour, CHF committed S$1 donation to CCH. Close to 7000 pledges were received and as a show of goodwill, CHF topped up the donation to S$20,000 to purchase basic necessities for the children.

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