December 2008:
P.E.E.K (Providing Educational Exposure for Children) @ Guicheng Mall in Nanhai, Foshan, China
Nanhai, located an hour’s drive from Guangzhou, is the third city in China where overseas P.E.E.K event was held. On 13 Dec 2008, with the help of 41 staff volunteers, P.E.E.K @ Guicheng Mall proved to be an eye-opener for 65 underprivileged children supported by Guicheng and Cancheng Women’s Federation who are invited to participate in it. Some of CapitaLand staff’s children also attended the event. The children were divided into different groups and went on an educational trail to learn about the daily operations of the mall and green features such as sensor taps in the washrooms to minimise water wastage. Simple ideas we hope to cultivate in them that will go a long way to help them become socially responsible citizens.

December 2008:
P.E.E.K (Providing Educational Exposure for Children) @ Ascott Raffles Place Singapore
12 underprivileged children from the Infant Jesus Home & Children’s Centre, a beneficiary of CHF, went on a fun-filled discovery trail at newly retrofitted Ascott Raffles Place Singapore on 5 December 2008. Through sharing by 20 staff volunteers, the children learnt how the tallest tower in Southeast Asia in the 1950s, formerly known as the Asia Insurance Building, was conserved and transformed as a heritage building into a premium serviced residence. Ascott staff gamely simulated a fire drill during the trail to share with them the operational perspective of running a serviced residence as well as to teach them useful fire safety skills. 21 CapitaLand staff’s children also joined in the tour.

November 2008:
Volunteer expedition to Nayan in Yogyakarta province, Indonesia
The final CapitaLand group wide volunteer expedition for 2008 was to Yogyakarta in Indonesia, where CapitaLand Hope Foundation had earlier donated to Habitat for Humanity Indonesia to build three homes for residents whose lives were affected by the earthquake of May 2006. The CapitaLand volunteer team comprised of 11 staff from China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. Not only did the volunteers embrace the simple local living condition, they truly experienced what it was like building a home from scratch. Their manual labour tasks involved digging foundation trenches, removing debris from the site and setting stones in cement to form footings. Through working hand in hand, the camaraderie forged among the volunteers was as strong as the foundation they strove to build. They also met and interacted with the needy children and their families who will occupy the homes. The houses built gave the children a roof over their heads so that they could concentrate on their studies.

October 2008:
P.E.E.K (Providing Educational Exposure for Children) @ CapitaMall Xizhimen, Beijing, China
CapitaLand P.E.E.K event was launched in Beijing for the first time on 18 October 2008. The event was held in CapitaMall Xizhimen, located at a public transportation hub in downtown Beijing, and invited over 30 hearing-impaired children beneficiaries from the Beijing Disabled Persons Rehabilitation Service & Guidance Centre (BDPRSGC) supported by CapitaLand Hope Foundation (CHF) to participate in it. CapitaLand staff’s children also joined in and made up a total of 60 attendees. The children were taught practical emergency life skills and put them into good use by navigating their way through a simulated fire escape exercise. They were also introduced to some green features such as a façade made of double-glazed glass panels which helps to keep the building cool while admitting natural lighting. The Principal of BDPRSGC expressed her gratitude to CHF for inviting underprivileged children to participate. It is CHF’s hope that every participating child will all grow to his/her fullest potential to become useful citizens.

October 2008:
Volunteer event in conjunction with The Business Times Children for Children @ the Singapore Flyer, Singapore
Accompanied by 24 CapitaLand staff volunteers, 60 underprivileged children from The Haven and Care Corner Singapore felt they were in cloud nine after a complimentary ride in Singapore’s latest attraction— the Singapore Flyer. This volunteer event was held on 1 October 2008, Children’s Day in Singapore, in conjunction with The Business Times Children for Children @ the Singapore Flyer which aims to raise funds for disadvantaged children in celebration of the newspaper’s 32nd anniversary. In support of this initiative, CHF donated S$30,000 which would be channelled to The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund. Staff volunteers pointed out interesting sights seen from the capsule, and brought the children to a mini carnival organised by CHIJ Kellogg Primary School. CapitaLand Hope Foundation (CHF) then-Chairman Lim Chin Beng said, “Most of CHF's beneficiaries have not tried the Singapore Flyer. So we are pleased to have this opportunity to give kids from Care Corner and The Haven a very special treat on Children’s Day. ”

September 2008:
Volunteer expedition to Hanoi, Vietnam
A team of 14 CapitaLand staff volunteers from Singapore, China, Thailand and Vietnam arrived in Hanoi, Vietnam to help improve the facilities of a school-cum-orphanage called “19 MAY”. The school facilities for the 85 street children and orphans had deteriorated badly and the children only had a straw-mat and a thin blanket for winter. During this 4-day expedition, volunteers were divided into 2 teams; one team worked on upgrading the facilities and the other team taught the children simple songs and art. The volunteers also involved the children in the painting of their school’s wall murals to brighten up the facilities. The volunteers also celebrated traditional Mid-Autumn Festival with the underprivileged children who would otherwise not have a chance to sample mooncakes and play with lanterns. As Nuengruthai Thumwonk from The Ascott Limited in Thailand shared, “We came with the intention to give. But what we’ve gained is much more than what we’ve given.”

September 2008:
P.E.E.K (Providing Educational Exposure for Children) @ One George Street, Singapore
On 6 September 2008 during the one-week school holiday, underprivileged children from one of CapitaLand Hope Foundation beneficiaries, Beyond Social Services, and some CapitaLand staff’s children were given an exclusive tour of One George Street office building and its various green initiatives. With the help of 25 staff volunteers, the children learnt and experienced hands-on science activities which could be applied in the real estate industry. One example was the sky garden where lush landscaping and the infinity pool helped to cool down the temperature naturally. The children also planted their own cactus which they could bring home as a souvenir. We hope that this will encourage these children to care for the environment as they were taught to care for their plant.

July 2008:
Volunteer excursion at Changi Airport Terminal 3, Singapore
The latest infrastructural icon of Singapore, Changi Airport Terminal 3, opened its transit area to welcome about 60 underprivileged children from the Canossaville Children’s Home under the invitation of CapitaLand Hope Foundation (CHF). Over 30 CapitaLand staff volunteers helped out at this event on 7 July 2008. It was a first for these children to gain special access into the transit area meant for passengers and airport staff. The children learnt about how the airport incorporated both green features with the state-of-the-art engineering and interesting art pieces, for example, the roof architecture act as skylights to maximise the flow of sunlight into the airport and there is a 300 metres long green wall which reaches up to five stories high. Through this exclusive educational tour, CHF hopes to inspire these children to reach for their dreams just as the airport has done so with the completion of T3.

May 2008:
P.E.E.K (Providing Educational Exposure for Children) @ Somerset Bencoolen, Singapore
P.E.E.K event was extended to a serviced residence under CapitaLand Group for the first time. About 40 children, including underprivileged children from Students Care Service (Clementi) and CapitaLand staff’s children, were given a special behind-the-scenes educational tour of how the Somerset Bencoolen serviced residence was operated. They were guided by 21 CapitaLand staff volunteers. The session proved to be enjoyable and enriching for both volunteers and children alike with learning activities such as making up a guestroom bed and learning how to view the complex security cameras used to ensure the safety of the residents. The children's thinking skills were put to test through a scavenger hunt activity.

May 2008:
Volunteer Expedition to Bo Kleau in Nan province, Thailand
The CapitaLand volunteer team, made up of 11 staff from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India and China, spent five days in the mountainous Bo Kleau of Northern Thailand to help complete a school dormitory sponsored by CapitaLand Hope Foundation (CHF). Although the staff volunteers hardly knew one another, they were quick to form teams and pick up tools to start work at the site in Baan Sawa School. All of them were determined to sweat it out for the underprivileged students who were eager to move into the school dormitory. Prior to construction, the schoolchildren had to walk an average of 8km per way to school.

Separately, CHF sponsored 135 needy children in Bo Kleau through World Vision. A special session was arranged for the staff volunteers to meet them and serve them lunch. They also made home visits.

February 2008:
Volunteer home visits in conjunction with Viriya Community Services, Singapore
In February 2008, as part of the Viriya-KK Children’s Hospital Homecare programme in Singapore, CapitaLand staff volunteers visited underprivileged children who were chronically ill and confined at home. This was a tie-in with the donation of S$101,000 to Viriya Community Services from table sales at Raffles International Lecture organised by CapitaLand in November 2007. Staff volunteers were divided into teams and delivered food hampers, donated storybooks, teddy bears and CapitaVouchers to the families. They also got the opportunity to chat with the caregivers. Through this visit, CapitaLand Hope Foundation hopes to bring some cheer and support to these children and their parents.